Admissions open for academic year 2024-25


Dissemination of educational services is a rare privilege. It is a huge responsibility to provide the best all round education possible as we aim to prepare our students for happiness and success in their adult lives. Excellencia Infinitum aims to provide a caring and enlightened environment in which talents of each individual flourish. We encourage our students to be creative, tolerant and to strive for academic, sporting and cultural excellence. We honor tradition, and it still shapes some of our guiding principles. A school with abundant vision that enthusiastically embraces innovation and new opportunities. Our well established boarding system in the heart of the school promotes a strong sense of belonging. Excellencians seek to celebrate its distinctive blend of boarders and day scholars. We develop their personal qualities by instilling values such as, tolerance compassion, integrity and perseverance. We are committed to making our students to step into the adult world with knowledge and self-belief to fulfill their own potential and to become leaders in order to contribute to wider community.

Mr. Venkat Muriki

-(Founder & Director)

There is a huge gap in what the academicia is producing today and what the Industry is looking for. Realising the scenario Excellencia aims to prepare it’s students with the much needed abilities to cross over.

Mr. Raghu V

-(Founder & Director)

The world and the economic landscape is changing at a rapid pace. The youth have to change for the new global reality. Excellencia is the part of that solution.

Mr. Ravinder Rao T

-(Founder & Director)