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Mr. Venkat Muriki, Founder & Director, Excellencia Junior Colleges & CBSE Schools

Mr. Venkat Muriki is the Founder & Director, of Excellencia Junior Colleges & CBSE schools, a remarkable leader and a seasoned educator, who brings with him a wealth of 23 years of expertise. Mr. Venkat holds a Masters in Chemistry from Hyderabad Central University. It was his passion for education that motivated him to establish Excellencia with a vision to provide a caring and enlightened environment in which talents of each individual flourish. He is of the firm conviction that a sound education, inbuilt with values, will alone mould students into worthy global citizens and conscientious students who will transform the world and make it a better place. Today, his vision of SARVATRA SYAT VISHISHTATHA (Excellence everywhere and in everything) has expanded multi-fold with chain of ten Junior Colleges and CBSE schools, two of them duly recognised as the premium residential Junior colleges of Hyderabad with more than 5000 students and 700 employees aiming for the best career paths blended with a spectrum of academic, sporting and cultural excellence to boost students’ educational experiences to meet the demands of the global community.

Mr. Venkat Muriki received “The Best Educational Instituition for Transformational Practices Award for the year, 2022-23, conferred to Excellencia Junior Colleges by Telugu Kala Samiti, Bahrain.

The Economics Times Education recognised the vision and mission of Excellencia in the field of education and conferred the ‘Excellence in Intermediate Level Education Award” to Mr. Venkat Muriki at the Economics Times Education Leaders 2023 Summit.

Mr. Venkat Muriki,
Founder & Director,
Excellencia Junior Colleges & CBSE Schools

There is a huge gap in what the academicia is producing today and what the Industry is looking for. Realising the scenario Excellencia aims to prepare it’s students with the much needed abilities to cross over.

Mr. Raghu V,
Founder & Director

Our teachers are known for their extraordinary alacrity who make sure studies are engaging and enjoyable. Aside from a small pupil-teacher ratio, our students are treated with personalized attention. In order to oversee their academic progress and help them stay happy and do well both in academics and co-curricular activities.
Mr. Ravinder Rao T, Founder & Director

Excellencia is committed to exploring new approaches in teaching and learning. Our in-house training encourages teachers to deliver their subjects in more fascinating ways.