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Dissemination of educational services is a rare privilege. It is a huge responsibility to provide the best all round education possible as we aim to prepare our students for happiness and success in their adult lives. 

Video Testimonials

(Parents of S.P. NIHAL)
Good Afternoon Madam: We appreciate your initiative towards conducting online classes since lockdown. It's a kind gesture by all the Teachers who have put their whole and soul in the smooth conduct of classes without any lapse. As we are approaching towards mid of May, I would like to suggest to the Management of Excellencia that it is too strenuous on the psychology of students to undergo continuous sessions without summer vacation which is a Child's right. It's a humble request to give a break.

(Parent Of Varun Tej & Sahasra)
This is Ganesh Babu From M.C. Pally. I am father of Varun Tej 7th grade and Sahasra 5th grade.... I really appreciate the entire Excellencia team and Management. In this Covid-19 lockdown period Teacher's are conducting online classes 2 to 3 hours daily... This is very helpful to Students...I observed other schools but they are giving only worksheets, but the Excellencia Team conducted online classes from 2 months continuously... I personally appreciate each and every Teachers, they are sacrific.

(Parent Of Laxmi Akshara VII)
As the name suggests excellencia school stands for excellence in education.

Is education means mere academics? No. Excellencia provides good academics along with activities, sports and great food with superb, breathable atmosphere unlike concrete jungle metro cities schools.

My kid went to excellencia as a boarding student. This is the first time she's is in residential school and living without us. She overcame the initial homesickness with the help of teachers. She became one of the toppers in the class.

My sincere thanks to class teacher Veera mam and Principal Neeraja mam for providing support.

(Parent of Atharav Grade 11 MPC)
A renowned institution which is surpassed only by its excellent teachers and mentors led by well informed principal and directors. My son has been provided with a safe play ground to excell in his studies and extra curricular activities leading to an all round development. This kind of environment showcases the institutional experience that the faculty and directors have under their belts. Excellencia !! The name says it all …

(Parent Of Gunnala Vanshika Reddy Grade 2)
Excellencia Infinitum School is one of the best boarding schools. This school has a great environment and an amazing atmosphere for the students to explore their ideas. Sucha school trains the students to be disciplined, well-managed, and responsible.

Extremely happy with the kind of activities organized in school for children’s physical, social, and intellectual development.

Highly appreciated the pains taken by the teachers and the staff for the academic improvement of my daughter and boosting her confidence in other activities too.

My daughter (Gunnala Vanshika Reddy, Grade 2) has been improving her calligraphy skills, drawing art, and speaking skills.

I would like to thank the school management for the morning assembly, it provides all students the opportunity to come forward and participate. Students have the chance to perform different activities like singing prayers, pledges, stories, riddles, thoughts of the day, and other announcements in different languages. My daughter became fearless to stand in front of the assembly day by day.

(Parent Of Sahithi Grade 10)
Excellencia is good for communication, Is strict, and enforces discipline among students It not only provides a good education but also a safe and secure environment for students.

The teachers are friendly and very approachable. The subject teachers are well versed in their subjects and the class teacher really supports and guides the students.

We are very happy and assured that our daughter is in the right school.

(Parent Of G.Jaineel Grade 3)
Great School !!!!

My son is very happy. A good school with passionate, inspired, and skilled teachers who have a strong positive impact on children's attitudes and personalities. I never worried about my child while he is under their guidance. At Excellencia, children are encouraged to be a part of Extracurricular activities and other competitive exams, which allows the student to think outside the box apart from academics. My kid is happy with the school and so are we. We see a lot of improvement in him day by day.

(Parent Of Manvik Grade I)
I am delighted to share my positive experience with Excellencia School. As a parent, one of my primary concerns when choosing a school for my children was finding an institution that prioritized emotional connection and nurturing relationships between teachers and students. I am thrilled to say that Excellencia Academy exceeded my expectations in this regard. The teachers are exceptional in their ability to establish deep emotional connections with their students. They go above and beyond their call of duty, creating an environment where every child feels seen, heard, and valued. in addition to this, they also maintain good academic standards.

(Parent Of Rudhvik Thota Grade 12)
I would like to take a moment to express my thoughts and provide feedback to the teachers and the staff.

My son Rudhvik was admitted in 10th grade after returning from the US. I'm very thankful for all the support that was extended to me during the admission. It was a tough challenge for my son to cope up with the Indian standard of education but the teachers took special care to bring Rudhvikup to speed because of which Rudhvik scored very well in the 10th board exams. I was extremely happy and so continued his education in the same school. Now he is in 12th grade, CBSE, and performing very well in both Academics and sports. He was selected as Sports captain representing Excellencia in inter-school tournaments and played Nationals in cricket.

My sincere thanks to the Principal, teachers, and staff for all their hard work, commitment, accountability, and ownership to help each student excel and pursue their dreams.

Thank you for creating an atmosphere that can make our children grow up the way they should.

My boy is very happy. He enjoys studying and playing. He is very active in all extracurricular activities that the school conducts.

Great job by all the teachers and staff. Commendable!!!

I'm very proud of you all for making it easy for parents to shape their kid's future.

The joy of parenthood is having the right teachers who are constantly helping the children learn and grow in the school. Thank you for teaching my son as much as he should learn daily.

My heartfelt gratitude to Excellencia teachers and I strongly recommend others to join their children in this school. Excellencia rocks!!!
My School is situated in large campus with spacious class rooms labs and library. Our school have very big play ground in which we play cricket , Foot ball , volley ball , badminton & basketball . we have also indoor games like carroms , chess , Table tennis etc our school has smart class rooms and conducts online classes .We also learn a lot of things from our teachers like moral values , Life skills and safety rules to be followed which where issued by Government . Our school is like a family.

Hello everyone , my school is located in beautiful location with many trees and greenery with clean environment . The School is out of town without any kind of pollution , i love my school because it has lot of sports facilities like indoor and outdoor games . There are so many extra curricular activities in the school by dance,singing karate . Teachers are very friendly with the student in learning subjects and also teaches moral education and social responsibilities.
Excellencia School is an outstanding place of learning. The school's management team, led by a dedicated principal Neeraja Ma'am, and coordinator Keerthi Ma'am, is truly inspiring. Their commitment to providing a nurturing and supportive environment for students is evident. The colleagues are passionate and highly knowledgeable making the learning experience engaging and enjoyable. It's a school that truly excels in every aspect like academics, games, and activities.

A Positive and comfortable environment can greatly enhance the overall working experience.’

I am Ramya Methal, Working as a Hindi teacher at Excellencia Infinitum School. I would like to say that am a part of the Excellencia Family … I personally felt the hatpositive environment of the school impacted my ability to learn and grow.. every day am learning new things..

I feel school that feels like a family often provides strong support networks. Students, teachers, and staff can lean on each other during challenging times, offering emotional and academic support. The school's management provides resources and guidance to enhance the learning experience.  There is transparency in the system which promotes accountability, trust, and efficiency. I feel really free and confident to work here…

Excellencia is committed to exploring new approaches in teaching and learning. Our in-house training encourages teachers to deliver their subjects in more fascinating ways.