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Parent Communications

Parent Communications/

Parent communications

Communication is the backbone of any organization and at Excellencia we ensure that our stakeholders are well informed. The school communicates through Class teacher calls, the MCB app, WTR (weekly Transaction report) and also through emails and messages.
Parents can meet the faculty from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. or during weeks day with prior appointment through SMS, Mail or WhatsApp. Centre head and Director are also available, 24×7 to address issues that need immediate redressal through SMS/WhatsApp/Mail.
School Periodicals: Writer’s corner: Expressions

Excellencia’s monthly online newsletter named “Expressions” highlights the activities and major events in academics, culture, and sports. One of the big draws of a school newspaper is the writing itself and the opportunities it brings students interested in journalism, a great place to hone those skills. This is shared with parents so that they stay connected with the happenings in their child’s learning.

Excellencia is committed to exploring new approaches in teaching and learning. Our in-house training encourages teachers to deliver their subjects in more fascinating ways.