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Student Life

Student Life/

Student Life

At Excellencia Infinitum School, we strongly believe that students must be taught the latest skills that are required in this modern era. Along with education we believe that extra-curricular activities play a major factor in the students success.

Students learn more when playing than when they are inside the classrooms. We offer our students various kinds of sports and activities to develop their talent.

The school is scientifically planned, artistically designed and well constructed to groom the global citizens. The ultra modern campus is a synthesis of an architectural marvel and technological advancements for the smooth and quality administration and transparent functioning of the school.

The classrooms are equipped with modern technological inputs for interactive teaching. The school has well equipped Science, Math, Language and Computer Labs. A well stocked library, along with rooms for Performing arts, Audio-Visual centres, a Multi purpose hall and Sports and Play areas with a Basketball court, skating rink, an indoor gym, an infirmary and a learning resource centre.

Student Well being
Student wellbeing is very pivotal to us. The care, security, welfare, and happiness of our pupils come first, as we believe that a happy child, free from worry, will learn and achieve more. Students’ voice is valued and heard. This helps them take accountability for their actions. Allowing students to help develop classroom rules and take on leadership roles helps encourage trust and communication among students and enhances their motivation to succeed.
Teaching & Learning- Making Sure Each Child Is Known
At Excellencia, teachers foster strong relationships by responding to students’ strengths and needs and by acting in a culturally sensitive manner. When teachers can form strong bonds with students, performance and engagement are positively impacted. Students have a higher chance of success when they feel safe and nurtured.

Excellencia is committed to exploring new approaches in teaching and learning. Our in-house training encourages teachers to deliver their subjects in more fascinating ways.