By Mr. Venkat Muriki, Director, Excellencia Group of Colleges and Schools

I recently participated in the half marathon category at the NMDC Hyderabad Marathon, 2023. I consider marathons as guiding lessons for achieving one’s own goals in life where people compete against their own personal best, more than the people around them.

The purpose of education for our students can also be considered like running a marathon, students can choose to focus on their own performance, not those around them – as long as you have done the best you can do, that’s what matters. You may choose to run 10 kms, half marathon or a full marathon, the only important factor is training your mind and body to achieve those personal targets.

People often consider grades and scaled scores to evaluate final academic performance. However, for me, these are indicators of the amount of dedication, discipline and time, students have invested to accomplish their goals in life, very similar to the requisites of inbuilt mechanism for running a race.

The most important lesson that students can learn from marathons is fulfilment of your own individual potential, as the first step, in helping others, to fulfil theirs. Visualise the positive impact of the attitude, intentions, and words of volunteers and cheer leaders, on any runner’s race day experience. No weather condition can snub the spirit of these angels. What they receive in return is the sheer joy of encouraging and motivating people to reach the finish line, with smiles on their faces. Consider your teachers, your parents and the society as volunteers in your educational journey, making those subtle sacrifices for you, to gain knowledge, because we hope that when you grow up, you will use their skills for the good of society and not just for their own advancement.

The fruits of your education are lifelong, and they must continue to benefit the society throughout your existence on this planet earth. May your journey be, one filled with, hope and desire for a better world!